Frank Chou Design Studio which was founded by Frank Chou now has become the most representative independent design studio in China. The studio captures the essence of material and object and creates elegant and long-lasting design pieces. The founder and creative director Frank Chou was born in Beijing where the traditional and contemporary era were alternating rapidly, and he came with interesting and creative things, including design, art, music and film. Leaded by him, the studio tries to balance aesthetic differences between the East and West through an unique perspective, and to find the Chinese modern design expression which is also synchronizing with the international design.

Frank Chou Design Studio「周宸宸设计工作室」,已成为中国最具有代表性的独立产品设计工作室,擅长捕捉材料与事物的本质,创造优雅且具有时间感的作品。创始人及创意总监周宸宸Frank Chou出生于传统与当代迅速交替的北京,天生对具有创造力的事物感兴趣,包括设计、艺术、音乐与电影。在其带领下,团队通过独特而客观的视角,平衡东西方之间的差异,努力寻找属于中国现代且与世界同步的设计表达方式。凭借专注在产品设计产业的垂直探索,周宸宸先后成为国内外众多品牌的合作设计师及战略顾问,并屡获国际权威奖项与专业媒体评论垂青。


As a representative and independent designer, Frank Chou 's works are related to furniture design, product design, and limited art design, etc. With the accumulation of work experience in European, the maturity of design cognition and every design piece by him can express the pursuit of freedom of design and needs of macro-design thinking in order to achieve a balance among the business, manufacturing, marketing and aesthetic considerations. The representative design works, including but not limited to: Ping Screen which won 「Salone del Mobile SaloneSatellite Award」, Fan Chair which became the first Chinese design served as London「100% design」invitation main visual,Bold Armchair which was nominated by「NYC×DESIGN Awards」and also invited by SaloneSatellite to attend its 20th anniversary.

Frank Chou Design Studio 的每一件作品,都与产业、制造业、商业及市场相融合,表达着对当下社会形态的思考、对设计自由的追求,为中国设计现代化进程助力。作为中国为数不多的专注于产品领域的工作室,与HC28、QM曲美家居、梵几、ACF HOME、TIANDI、ILPO等国内外诸多品牌同时签约,输出高质量产品设计。其中,代表作Ping Screen曾摘得「米兰国际家具展Salone del Mobile SaloneSatellite」奖项;Fan Chair成为首登伦敦「100% design」官方邀请函的中国作品;Bold Armchair则获「21世纪设计代名词」殊荣受邀返场米兰「SaloneSatellite20周年纪念展」,并成为最终角逐纽约设计周「NYC×DESIGN Awards」的中国设计……


Frank Chou Design Studio has collaborated with renowned design brands around the world. In recent years, the studio has attracted much attention in the design field all over the world and it is familiar with many international design exhibitions, for instance, Salone del Mobile, London 100% Design, FIAC, Milan Design Week, Beijing Design Week, Macao International Design Show etc.

Frank Chou Design Studio活跃于Salone del Mobile米兰国际家具展、伦敦100% Design设计展、Design Shanghai设计上海、FIAC巴黎国际现代艺术博览会、Milan Design Week米兰设计周、Beijing Design Week北京国际设计周、Macao International Design Show澳门国际设计周等国内外著名设计盛会。



The founder Frank Chou was nominated for the "Designer of the Year" by industry organizations and well-known media at home and abroad, such as ELLE DECO EDIDA - Young Design Talent of The Year, China International Furniture Fair - Best Designer of The Year etc. During the 2016 Milan Design Week, Frank Chou became the first Chinese designer who won the prize for "SaloneSatellite Special Mention Design Award" awarded by Prime Minister Matteo Renzi in Italy.

Frank Chou Design Studio创始人周宸宸屡获由国际产业机构、专业媒体评选的「年度设计师」称号。诸如国际权威设计大奖ELLE DECO EDIDA年度设计新秀、中国国际家具展年度最佳设计师、CIDA中国室内大奖-产品设计奖等。在2016年米兰设计周期间,周宸宸成为首个由意大利前任总理马泰奥·伦齐MatteoRenzi亲自授予米兰国际家具展「Salone del Mobile SaloneSatellite Special Mention」设计奖的中国设计师。



Frank Chou Design Studio gets professional design & art media attention around world, like WALLPAPER、ELLE DECO、AD、 ICON、IDEAT、INTERNI、VOGUE etc. With the background of making an innovation between the East and the West, using the power of design to change and promote Chinese industry, the founder Frank Chou, as one representative Chinese designer also has been receiving attention from top economic media such as CNN、FORBES、FINANCIAL TIMES.

Frank Chou Design Studio作品受到国际专业设计类媒体,诸如WALLPAPER、ELLE DECO、AD、 ICON、IDEAT、INTERNI等广泛深入报道。此外,凭借宏观视野和产业影响力,创始人周宸宸成为设计领域中,被国际顶尖社会经济类媒体CNN、FORBES、FINANCIAL TIMES等高度关注的中国籍设计师。


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