• April 18, 2023 

    BALANCING - 2023 Milan Design Week



    The global leading design event「Milan Design week」is back to public from 18 to 23 April 2023. This time, Frank Chou Design Studio will bring the latest works to Isola Design District, to discuss and explore the sustainable lifestyle in future from different dimensions and perspectives.


    01 Co-brand Collection Sketch Series

    —— Designed by Frank Chou Design Studio for LIVINTWIST


    Sketch series reflects our thinking about the future environment and future life. The series adopts regenerative rubber rather than usual materials applied in outdoor furniture, is able to be recycled and reused. It has been tested over and over again to guarantee the intension and durability for outdoor use, in consideration of climate, temperature, safety and comfort. What is beyond our expectations -- it's not just an eco-friendly seat system, the materials look high-quality and value. The black frame and weaving technique provide a clear and simple structure, along with an undulating and looming texture. While restrained in color and shape, the series create a sense of elegant and premium.

    By means of the method, Sketch series is no longer limited to functional oriented for outdoor use only, we are able to apply indoor as well. We are managing to solve the issues between the application of eco-friendly materials and quality of products that made with. While doing research and exploration of environmental protection, we cannot get rid of the connection and concern of the lifestyle and life scene, to enable outdoor furniture play its public and communication characteristics, to be seen, used and discussed further and broader.


    02 Perspective Life Scene, Balance

    —— Designed by Frank Chou Design Studio


    Even though the idea of fitness has been increasingly valued and pursued, there is still lots of obstacles to conquer and it requires strict self-discipline and long-term insistence for the majority of people. Our starting point for Balance is to precisely target those who are not doing exercise, and imperceptibly, lead them into daily work-out. It is not just a product design, but a design for behaviour guidance.

    From this, Balance is not subject to a stereotypical dumbbell, but a decoration piece or sculpture, so that it is able be naturally integrated into various daily life scenes, such as on nightstand, in the study, on the table top, etc. And then, it could be grabbed or picked up subconsciously, as while taking a glance, people won’t be aware of a serious dumbbell standby. In this way, it reminds people: let’s get a start, even just from standing up and taking a walk first.

    By means of a geometric deconstruction and reorganization of the Roman Columns, Balance is piled into a modern sculptural dumbbell. It looks like a lopsided shape; however, we have tested and balanced through internal structure to keep its physical gravity to the center absolutely. Satisfying the aesthetic shape meanwhile, we still maintain the experience of using dumbbells.


    03 Signature Sofa & Armchair

    —— Designed by Frank Chou for Louis Vuitton Objets Nomades


    As the first designer in Mainland China invited for Louis Vuitton Objets Nomades, Frank Chou connects the stacked rice terraces in Yunnan, and the natural carved Antelope Valley to the subconscious of his creation, thinking about the forging of nature behind

    them over thousands of years, as well as the power to perpetuate these geographical features, which was ultimately incorporated into the design and ideas of Signature series, an adventurous, creative, spiritual and elegant vehicle to record and convey emotion and history.

    In nature, there are no perfect straight lines. This is also an important reason why this series adopts so many arcs, and to certain extent, it is also an attempt to reflect timeless within design. Signature series is a sculpture of time that could be enjoyed and touched all around. It is able to be laid in the central area of people's life, outdoors or indoors, to reveal and reflect the spirit of oneself, or even to define oneself as a center. "In fact, what we design is not the object itself, but the design enables people with emotional and spiritual resonance and feelings, which comes from the culture and its derivative generated after age. "

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