We hope to create a state that is quiet yet powerful, conveying a senseof order and ritual that is crucial in Eastern culture. It maintains the connection between individuals and communities, linking the past with the present cultural values.

    Rectangle series is supported by a classic essence. From the overallappearance, whether it's the shape of the outline or the materials used, modern elements and style are evident. However, it still evokes a sense of classicism at its core. Wool, as one of the historically significant natural materials, has been used from ancient times to modern society. When combined with aluminum, a material that represents industry and futurism, it creates a juxtaposition and fusion of nature and industry, history and development, soft and solid.


    The aluminum square tubes of the base are arranged in an orderly andregular manner, creating a sleek and polished metallic surface. The wool on the seat has a rich texture and a fluffy three-dimensional feel. The inherent warmth and affinity of natural fabric complement and balance the base. The combination of the two creates a support system from bottom to top, akin to a sturdy foundation, providing a sense of psychological stability.



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