How to make fitness gracefully and blatantly appear in people’s life is what Frank Chou attempts this time. In classical column types, there fused natural lines of human body and delivers an atmosphere of majestic and elegance through simple lines.


    As a tool for modern people to pursue healthy and beauty, Balance absorbs the inspirations from the structure and morph of columns. By means of a geometric deconstruction and reorganisation of the Roman Columns, it is piled into a modern sculptural dumbbell. While giving dumbbell a stronger value of decoration and expression, it is also necessary to take into account of the balance among weight, gravity, impact resistance and others.


    A dumbbell can be used as a conspicuous companion to light up the interest and beauty of life, rather than a device alone that is deliberately stored or hidden in the corners. Those yearning and efforts for a better state of life are worth seeing. Boring daily exercise could actually become more interesting and poetic.








    Mirra 哑铃


    FRANK CHOU COLLECTION also cooperated with fashion brand Short Sentences and jointly launched a special edition Mirra, which invited the key elements from Short Sentences 22AW, knit, into the design.

    The soft texture and contrast colour coating motivates a new personality from the original. Mirra particularly adopts the material inventory and alloy for sake of environment care.


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