Collaboration with fashion brand HEUREUH — no limit to the possibilities of eco-friendly fur in fashion — FRANK CHOU COLLECTION applies the element of “eco-friendly fur” into furniture.


    The pattern part of FuFu Series uses “recycled Teddy pellet velvet”, which collects waste plastic beverage bottles as raw materials through environmental protection. The black nylon fabric is sourced from fishing net, clothing residual separated fabric and abandoned carpet. The layers are stacked with different texture and color modules to create a unique sense of ritual, and at the same time, it has the affinity to make people want to touch. 1 FuFu Mini Wall Mirror is equivalent to 120 recycled plastic bottles; 1 FuFu Wall Mirror is equivalent to 150 recycled plastic bottles; 1 FuFu Floor Mirror is equivalent to 187 recycled plastic bottles.



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