The series is based on the concept of the collision between bamboo and aluminum, as well as their cultural significance. Bamboo carries rich imagery and symbolic meaning in traditional Chinese culture and is closely associated with spiritual pursuits. It has been widely used in architecture, furniture, art, and various other fields. On the other hand, aluminum, from its discovery to production and widespread application, has been instrumental in driving the development of human industry and technology, becoming an indispensable material in modern life.


    The series aims to integrate the context of traditional Chinese culture with the aesthetic craftsmanship of modern culture, attempting to construct a presentation of Chinese contemporary culture. The main structure adopts a semi-bamboo interlocking form, creating blocks that convey a sense of order and architectural composition. The arrangement of straight lines and curves exhibits a strong sense of sequence and regularity, forming natural patterns and symbols. For the tabletop and seating area, thin aluminum plates are chosen to create a suspended and futuristic sense of lightness. Through the contrast between simplicity and complexity, a powerful collision and balance between technology and nature, present and future, are shaped.


    In this series, we strive to bridge the connection between the spirit of classical Chinese culture and modern values and aesthetics. By appropriately translating the culture with a grand history and heritage into the context of modern people's lives, it becomes a continuous and enduring spirit.




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