September 20, 2023

    In the Loop




    From September 20th to 24th, 2023, Frank Chou Design Studio participates in the XDW 2023 Design Week hosted by Xiaohongshu (Little Red Book). The theme of this design week is "Daily Design," focusing on

    the dynamic relationship between design and daily behavior. The project route covers various everyday leisure destinations in Shanghai, including Nanchang Road, Fuxing Park, Sinan Mansions, and more. The discussions are conducted openly under the basic necessities of life.


    In the Loop utilizes common ventilation aluminum pipes found in daily life. These pipes are filled with polyurethane foam adhesive in sections, forming a circular ring with a diameter of ten meters. Three of these rings are stacked together, relying solely on the circular force structure without the need for additional connections or supports to create a stable system. As a result, we construct a minimalist and unexpectedly futuristic outdoor installation. It can serve as a public seating area for relaxation in outdoor spaces.


    By subjecting ordinary objects from everyday life to a series of design and engineering modifications, we give them a completely different state, coming from the everyday, and turning into an unexpected design for the sake of the everyday.


    We have used materials that are quite common in daily life to create an unexpected outcome. This is not just a contrast in the narrow sense. On a broader level, we contemplate how to shape the notion of the ‘everyday’. If this installation can permanently stay in the city, how much time will it take for it to transform from an unexpected object into a familiar part of daily life? 



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