March 31, 2021 

    Longquan Celadon Design Project


    Based on discovering the history and culture of Longquan Celadon, we decide to extract the most precious part as the design material, the thick glaze, which is fried by a distinctive craft of worldwide celadon. At the same time, for the theme “The Way of Longquan Celadon fitting into people’s daily life in the modern society”, we choose a group of utensil in very modern shape with our expectation of being accepted as everyday items or contemporary decoration by modern people in different culture over the world.The Series adopt the most simple shape of geometry can be comprehended by the general public, to construct a group of sculpted living objects, including categories of vase, candleholder, tray and cup for daily using. And based which, using the modern lines to decorate the facade.When thick glaze of Longquan covering the facade, things happened as our expected like magic, all the carving line seems looming under the glaze. As people can feel the carved undulation, the whole item is plump covered by layers of glittering and translucent glaze. We wish the group of items could fit into daily lives as contemporary aesthetic living objects  with characteristics of Longquan Celadon, and make people begin to interest with Longquan Celadon even Longquan’s culture and bring the Longquan Celadon into daily lives. It is the value that we wished to send out with this design series.

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