The graceful and flowing arches of Frank Chou’s Signature Armchair and Sofa were inspired by the layering of terraced fields in Yunnan, China, and the naturally sculpted forms of Antelope Valley, Arizona.

    An indoor version sees these dynamic “floating” structures covered with rich Louis Vuitton leather and striking three dimensional “Dots” fabric from renowned Italian brand Paola Lenti. An outdoor model – the first Objet Nomade specifically designed for outside use – is upholstered in Louis Vuitton’s legendary waterproof canvas and “Brio”, a specially conceived, colourful, and innovative Paola Lenti fabric. Both Armchair and Sofa are comfortably proportioned. The sofa’s three-meter length is comfortably seating four people and is available in multiple colour combinations.


    VOGUE Singapore

    - How would you describe your design ethos. Where do you draw your inspiration from?

    Actually, I believe anytime, anyplace and anything could be my inspiration. It does not have to come from a specific object, it may also come from a piece of information, spirit, even behavioral aspects. My inspiration always comes from my own experience of life and the state. Everyone I know in my life or from history, such as musicians and directors, even ordinary people could influence my work.


    - Tell us about your visualisation, design and creation process. Is there a signature "Frank Chou" element in all of them?

    When doing design or creation, I always have to consider whether a new design has significance and value and whether it is possible to bring about any changes. Maybe before this, simply it can be said that I have been pursuing a sense of elegance from time, a balance and unity between modern and future. Based on these, in fact, there is no fixed process of design, it would be perceived and realized in a very natural way.


    - Whom do you design for? What are some important take-homes for people?

    As designers, we should design for the progress of human beings, and the problems that need to be solved in each era changes all the time. For example, last year we designed a product that combined the tray with the ultraviolet lamp in purpose of protecting from coronavirus, which is worth being involved into our daily life as it is accessible and highly-relevant to people’s daily life at present. Meanwhile, we are still looking for partners to realize the concept to its value.


    ELLE DÉCOR Japan

    - Both the armchair and the sofa are unique light structures assembled with extreme simplicity. They were apparently inspired by the layering of terraced fields in Yunnan, China, and the naturally sculpted forms of Antelope Valley, Arizona. Do you have a personal connection to these places? Is there a reason why you chose nature as your source of inspiration for these creations?

    Whether it's the terraced fields of Yunnan or the Antelope Valley, their beautiful landscapes are connected to our subconscious. These landscapes are all the beauty of nature and part of the earth. And the nature power that shaped and sculpted them is what attracted me most and arouse me.I think more of it is the logic and philosophy of nature, which might be our inspiration.


    -  The Signature Armchair & Sofa you created are specifically designed for outside use, which is quite unique. Did you choose this concept right from the beginning? As the first Objets Nomades specifically designed for outside use, what were the things you were particularly attentive to?

    Designing an outdoor collection was one of the directions that we communicated with Objets Nomades team at first. Throughout our process, we were not targeting to a certain objective, but more concentrated on the creative and adventurous side of the concept, not limiting ourselves to the functionality of indoor or outdoor use alone. While in bringing value to the concept, we came across the ideas of realizing it into outdoors. Also, we would like to try to achieve the possibility that people are able to create a boxroom in the courtyard or aside of the pool.




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