SKETCH SERIES Design by Frank Chou Design Studio

    Sketch series reflects our thinking about the future environment and future life.


    Sketchseries adopts regenerative rubber rather than usual materials applied in outdoor furniture, which is resourced from waste rubber and further, is able to be recycled and reused. It has been tested over and over again to guarantee the intension and durability for outdoor use, in consideration of climate, temperature, safety and comfort. What is beyond our expectations -- it's not just an eco-friendly seat system, the materials look high-quality and value. The black frame and weaving technique provide a clear and simple structure, along with an undulating and looming texture. While restrained in color and shape, the series create a sense of elegant and premium.


    By means of the team-up between LIVINTWIST and Frank Chou Design Studio, Sketch series is no longer limited to functional oriented. We are managing to solve the issues between the application of eco-friendly materials and quality of products that made with. While doing research and exploration of environmental protection, we cannot get rid of the connection and concern of the lifestyle and state, and realize the concept through elegant and forward-looking design language, which is our responsibility and attitude towards the future environment.



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